Ever Evolving - First Blog Post as Love Em! - Learn a little more about me :)

You know what is wild? How the different chapters of our lives bring out different types of healing that we need. Learning how to transform time and time again. Rising taller than before and ever evolving to be better for yourself first and foremost.

This pandemic has been an interesting time and if I could sum it up, it really made us look at ourselves and where we are at. Are we where we need to be? Have we been living through our passions? Have we been being mindful of ourselves and our energy? What choices have we made to get us here? The list goes on. 

Many of our lives changed drastically and we were forced into a new normal eventually putting many of us on the path we are supposed to be on. Self discovery is ever evolving. I always urge people to create when they feel down or stagnate and sometimes I honestly have a hard time taking my own advice but sometimes it's hard to get started again. Creating brings a wave of healing and happiness over you where you fall into this flow, like a meditation... Allowing your thoughts to come to you, process and leave you. You gain new ideas and you realize your ideas are also ever evolving. You begin living through your passions whatever that may be. You have a different appreciation for life. You realize that you are the creator of your life. 

I once had a blog called Love, Emme... I never wrote much on it... Sometimes, I wouldn't really know what to write about. I have so many thoughts but never really was able to streamline them. I didn't want to be vulnerable with what I was writing. I now have my business as Love Em Couture where I create fun upcycled fashion trends and I thought it would be fun to introduce me writing again and starting a little blog section... but being real... talking about life and allowing myself to be vulnerable. Maybe we are all going through similar things and can lean on each other some how or maybe someone is reading this and simply realizes they aren't alone in all of this. 

Creating is healing for the soul. If i can urge anyone to do anything, it would be to keep creating. No matter what it is. Follow your passions... Whatever they are. Do not be afraid to be you because life is way to short to worry about all that shit. 

I have always been an artist at heart and creating my entire life. I think as I have gotten older, I really have found that I have a joy with sharing what I do with people where as, I usually wouldn't share my creations when I was younger. I have had a small business since I was 18 years old and I would create cell phone cases, super bedazzled and some just with images on them... I would also distress denim and I sold my items at a monthly market called First Friday in Las Vegas. I did this for a few years and I found myself slowing down realizing it wasn't really a passion of mine to keep creating cell phone cases anymore... Through my denim distressing and vest making, I slowly evolved into a fashion line where I upcycle and refashion mostly vintage clothing items into a new look entirely. Usually the old school distressed band tee vibe. It took time to get there though... 

I fell in love with being able to create any outfit I wanted purley from mostly comfort. Dressing things up and dressing them down. Seeing the amount of leeway you have and getting super creative with that. There was a time when the hustle and bustle was real and I lost touch with why I do what I do and why I love it so much. 

Going back to how I began this entire post, regarding the pandemic happening... It wasn't until then I felt all of the changes coming that I needed and wanted to make all along. Refocusing my style and how I do things... and even though I have done this, it pushed me even further in wanting to share my artwork with all of you. It is a super vulnerable feeling to do this on many levels but I think at this point, I go back to remember how short life is and we are all on a journey of self discovery. 

First blog post ever on Love Em Couture... I hope it resonates with someone out there too... I enjoyed sharing a bit about myself and how I personally have evolved with living through my passions. 

Don't stop doing what you love.