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These Rorschach nebulas are pretty cosmic man! What do you see when you look inside of them? 

Each canvas has a stamp that helped me make each specific design. They are all numbered and when all of my canvas versions sell, the stamps will be released and I will connect these two individuals together... when you purchase one of these paintings in real life, it connects you with one individual in the world who will hold the transfer i used to create this painting!!

BUTTTT, something I am even more excited about is I AM LAUNCHING 6 out of 15 designs as an NFT COLLECTION!!! So, when you buy the NFT version, you are supporting that specific cosmic connection between the two individuals being stamp and canvas! 💫 You are also supporting this project of mine! I want people to understand we are all much more connected than we know. We are all one. The universe is inside of us. What could this special connection be? It could end up being anything! That is the fun surprise and it is all left to CHANCE and THE UNIVERSE... I am planning to hold a fun event in the future to connect all of these beautiful beings together. I have 15 total designs thus far, however, ONLY 6 are launched as NFTs.

like a puzzle piece, it is another way to remind us we are all much more connected than we know. ✨ interconnectedness